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It’s time to mail your ballot!

Friends and Neighbors, 

The clock is ticking! If you’re submitting your ballot by mail, Secretary of State Jim Condos recommends sending your ballot by TODAY and following directions for your ballot carefully to ensure that your vote is counted. 

We are continuing to reach out to voters as best we can during these trying times (and made thousands of contacts this weekend!) – but the most effective way to get out the vote is by contacting your neighbors . 

Please take 10 minutes today and check in with your friends, co-workers, accountant, grocery store clerk – whoever is in your network – and ensure that they have a plan for voting. 
I would be so grateful for your and your neighbors’ support – but even if I’m not part of the voting plan, please vote and vote safely. Your vote is your voice. 

If you have any questions about the campaign or voting in the upcoming Primary Election, don’t hesitate to reach out to my Campaign Manager Charlie or me. 

I’ll be in touch very soon with another update in this last stretch.

All the best,