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In one week…

Friends and Neighbors,  

At this hour, one week from today, the polls will close in Chittenden County and this primary election will be over.

As we enter the final week, I want to thank my extraordinary campaign team. A big part of the campaign’s energy and professionalism is due to my Campaign Manager—and my partner—Charlie Gliserman, who has been the hard-working, steady hand of the campaign. She has gone above and beyond in her efforts as an outreach coordinator, motivator, and editor.  

Cosima the cat has appeared largely oblivious to our efforts (and does not understand video production) – but provides comic relief that is essential to a campaign. I am grateful for both of them.

If you haven’t voted yet, these are your options:

  • Hand-deliver your ballot to your town clerk’s office before close of business on August 10;
  • Deliver your ballot to your polling location before 7:00 pm on election day;
  • Vote in person early at your town clerk’s office; or
  • Vote in person on election day, August 11.

We live in a time of uncertainty, and we sometimes feel at the mercy of events outside our control. But with our ballot and our vote we get to play a role in securing a stable, just, and prosperous future. 

Please vote, if you haven’t already. And reach out to your friends and neighbors to be sure they vote as well. Visit to find your town clerk’s contact information, track your ballot, and more.

All the best,