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Get Your Mail-In Ballot!

Friends and Neighbors, 

I’m excited to bring you an update from the campaign trail.
With less than a month to go in the campaign, Vermont is setting a record for vote by mail requests – with over 75,000 voters making the choice to do their civic duty from home. If you aren’t yet among those 75,000, get your mail-in ballot today by visiting or contacting your town clerk ! 

The process is secure and quick – and one of the ways you can keep yourself, your neighbors, and your poll workers safe this summer.

Last week, I expanded my platform to include a more comprehensive overview of the issues impacting the lives of Chittenden County residents – from public transportation to child care. Check out my updated platform here

I would love to hear your feedback – and as well as your perspective on the issues you’re passionate about, whether or not they’re on this list. Please feel free to reach out !

Thank you for all support so far. I am very grateful.