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Campaign Announcement

Today I am announcing my candidacy for State Senate. I was raised in Vermont and have spent my career fighting on behalf of vulnerable Vermonters, both as a public defender and an Assistant Attorney General. I am running because we need public servants in Montpelier who understand the challenges that Vermonters face and how we can rise to meet them. 

To build a Vermont that works for us all we must invest in recovery, promote affordability, and fight for justice. 

Invest in Recovery. We are facing a crisis recovery effort like few have seen. I believe that in these tough times we need investment, not austerity. I believe in the promise and necessity of government action. Government investment now will yield jobs, stability, and growth as we recover. While I know we face difficult choices ahead, I believe Vermonters understand that we must work together to create a more stable, compassionate, prosperous future. 

Promote Affordability. In Chittenden County too many people pay too much of their income on housing. We need representatives who understand the lack of affordable housing in Chittenden County and the policies that keep many living paycheck to paycheck. I’ve served on commissions tasked with expanding affordable housing in the county and across the state. And I’ve lived within the limits of a small business’s payroll and know the budgetary challenges many face. 

Fight for Justice. As we build our future, we as Vermonters have a choice to make: will we have a justice system that keeps us safe by addressing underlying needs, or one that keeps asking prisons to fix poverty, substance use disorder, and public health? 

I served as a public defender here in Chittenden County and around the state, giving voice to realities that are too often unheard. In the Attorney General’s Office I have helped implement policy reforms to address these inequities, like getting Vermonters the services they need and expanding effective restorative justice programming. We know these reforms keep us safer than the standard criminal justice system, and owe it to ourselves and our neighbors to make them a reality for all.

Together we have work to do. I look forward to hearing your ideas and speaking with you in the weeks ahead. Check out my Facebook page for updates.