The Vermont Progressive Party

Former Lieutenant Governor Doug Racine

“David is a great guy with great values. He really understands the problems facing Vermont, especially the nature of poverty and how it has lasting impacts…and he’s ready to do something about that. David’s got the knowledge, experience, and background – as an attorney – to be a great senator”

Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George

“The people at the table are the answer to a more just and equitable legal system. If that’s something you want to see, I would encourage you to vote for David Scherr”

Senator Phil Baruth, Chair, Senate Education Committee

“It has been a messed up year…and a number of people have had [the Chittenden Delegation’s] back, including David Scherr. David is smart, compassionate…and we need him in Montpelier now”

Representative Jessica Brumsted, Shelburne

“I’m excited to support David Scherr for Chittenden County State Senate because, in my opinion, he’s always willing to help out no matter what the issue. I’m grateful for the assistance he gave me and the Abenaki community and Chief Don Stevens on issues very important to Vermont’s indigenous people. This speaks so clearly to his passion for social justice.”

Representative Brian Cina, Burlington

“We need more people in the Senate like David Scherr, who will work to advance social justice, economic justice, and racial justice. We worked together with the Abenaki community and the Vermont Commission on Native American Affairs to pass a bill that gives free hunting and fishing licenses to members of state-recognized Abenaki tribes. David has also demonstrated a deep commitment to reforming our criminal justice system over the years and has proven that he will be a Senator who fights for what’s right.”

Representative Hal Colston, Winooski

“I endorse David Scherr’s candidacy for State Senator to represent Chittenden County. As a State Representative I share David’s deep passion to build an equitable and restorative criminal justice system in Vermont. Our current data reflects the opposite.  David has worked long and hard in the trenches to bring about these overdue changes to achieve racial justice. We need David Scherr’s voice and leadership in the Senate to help Vermont become what it ought to become – a state with liberty and justice for all.  Join me in supporting David Scherr to be State Senator for Chittenden County.”

Representative Bob Hooper, Burlington

“Now is the time for action in Vermont. We’ve been facing some unique challenges, and I think David is one of the people to move things forward”

Representative Martin LaLonde, South Burlington

“As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, I’ve seen David’s work as a leader of criminal justice reform efforts. As an Assistant General, David has helped draft and guide important legislation. For instance, with his leadership, we have expanded the availability of expungements of criminal records and have reformed our bail laws…I respect David’s work, and I think he would make an excellent senator.”

Representative Jim McCullough, Williston

“David is a person that speaks from his heart…I know when someone speaks the truth about social justice, peace for people, the value of people over corporations, that’s my man. Our senate needs David Scherr”

Representative Curt McCormack, Burlington, Chair, House Transportation Committee

“As a Commissioner on the Chittenden County Planning Commissioner, his passion was – and still is – affordable housing. David is a good man…he walks the talk. He’s a real decent human being, and I look forward to voting for him.”

Representative Carol Ode, Burlington

“I’ve known David Scherr for a decade. He is dedicated to serving Vermonters in his role as Assistant Attorney General. He is a trusted voice for criminal justice reform at the State House”

Representative Mary Sullivan, Burlington

“David has such passion and commitment for criminal justice reform – and he has done the work to get us to that reform…I think the Senate would benefit from his expertise and his passion”

City Councilor Ali Dieng, Burlington

“I am happy to endorse David Scherr for State Senate. I have great respect for David’s work as a former public defender, helping Vermont’s most vulnerable citizens in difficult circumstances. His achievements as an Assistant Attorney General in reforming our criminal justice system to better address the reasons why people get involved in the system in the first place have moved Vermont forward to a safer, more effective place.”

City Councilor Zoraya Hightower, Burlington

“I am excited that David is running to be our senator. David not only has Restorative Justice at the heart of his campaign, but he also has the experience and the vision to make real change across our state. Our community needs to move deeper in our criminal justice conversation and I know David can facilitate that conversation in a way that moves Vermont forward”

City Councilor Karen Paul, Burlington

“David is a collaborative, consensus-oriented person who will serve Burlington and our surrounding communities well. I respect his work and his strong record on issues of criminal justice reform and housing affordability – both areas where we will need innovative, hard-working legislators in Montpelier to support Burlington and move our county forward. I know he will be a leader on these issues, and many others, and a senator who will make Chittenden County proud.”

JF Carter Neubieser, Chittenden County Progressive Party Committee Member

Former Representative Jason Lorber, Burlington

“We need to further reduce over-reliance on prisons – an institution that encourages repeat crime – and find alternatives that cost less while making society safer. We need David’s breadth of experience. We need more leaders in the Senate to fight for social justice, prison reform, and anti-racism. I’ll be voting for David Scherr for Senate.”

Senator Richard Sears, Chair, Senate Judiciary Committee

Professor Stephanie Seguino, University of Vermont

Former Representative Suzi Wizowaty, Founder, Vermonters for Criminal Justice Reform

Former Chair Emilie Krasnow, Chittenden County Progressive Party

Attorney Barb Prine, Chittenden County Progressive Party Committee Member