David Scherr for Vermont State Senate

I was raised in Vermont and have spent my career fighting on behalf of vulnerable Vermonters, both as a public defender and an Assistant Attorney General. I am running because we need public servants in Montpelier who understand the challenges that Vermonters face and how we can rise to meet them. 

To build a Vermont that works for us all we must invest in recovery, promote affordability, and fight for justice.

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My name is David Scherr and today I'm announcing my candidacy for State Senate from Chittenden County. I've built a career here in the state I grew up in working on behalf of vulnerable Vermonters as a public defender and now as an assistant attorney general working with the legislature to reform our criminal justice system. I've also worked on the critical issue of housing affordability in Chittenden County as we face an enormous crisis recovery effort it's more important than ever that people who have worked up close with the realities of poverty, who really understand the magnitude of these challenges, serve in our government. I'm running for State Senate to make sure that we invest in a strong recovery promote affordability in Chittenden County and fight for a fair criminal justice system. The way our state has responded to the tremendous pressure of this crisis gives me hope. We housed more than 1,900 people who did not have homes. We reduced the prison population by more than 15% and we provided free meals to all children in Vermont. When I think about the work I've done through the years on criminal justice reform, I understand it's changes like these, changes that actually get at the underlying needs that people have, that will keep us all safer and better off. As we emerge from this crisis these types of changes will show us the way. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I have always believed that campaigns are not just about candidates, they're about ideas and a vision of how we will build a stronger community. Government is a project that we engage in together to make sure that everyone has a fair chance to succeed. Please join me in the weeks ahead as we have a discussion about how we will recover, how we will make Chittenden County a more affordable place to live, and how we'll continue to build a fairer more effective justice system.