David Scherr for Vermont State Senate

I was raised in Vermont and have spent my career fighting on behalf of vulnerable Vermonters, both as a public defender and an Assistant Attorney General. I am running because we need public servants in Montpelier who understand the challenges that Vermonters face and how we can rise to meet them. 

To build a Vermont that works for us all we must invest in recovery, promote affordability, and fight for justice.

Criminal Justice Reform

I work with individuals from every walk of life here in Vermont and I’m passionate about providing opportunities for us all to succeed.

Housing & Affordability

Our housing and affordability challenges in Chittenden County are real, immediate and require action.


Climate change is a defining issue of our time. And the threats to Vermont’s natural landscape are real– water quality degradation and sprawl are problems that demand action now.

Vermont’s Small Businesses

Vermont’s small businesses are the heart of our downtowns. The employ the bulk of our workers and they are gathering spaces for our communities.