Thank you

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Although this campaign came up just short of victory I want everyone to know how enormously grateful I am for your interest and support. I will not forget it.

I’ve spent my life in Vermont and I ran for office because I love this state and I believe in its promise: that we can be welcoming, equitable, caring and just; that we can provide opportunity for those live here and those who want to join us; and that, at our best, we can be an example to a nation.

I work every day as an attorney on behalf of the most vulnerable Vermonters, and I’m honored to serve our community on boards that seek to promote economic opportunity and middle-class affordability. That work was the inspiration for my campaign and I’m excited to continue.

Because I was a relatively unknown candidate at the beginning of this race a tremendous amount of work was required to get where we ended up: just a few hundred votes shy, out of more than 14,000. My campaign manager, David Oppenheimer, and campaign aide extraordinaire, Lizzie Haskell, deserve the lion’s share of the credit for that result. They worked unbelievably hard and I could not possibly have asked for better staff.

Campaigns are only partially about a candidate. They are also about ideas and the people who care about them. I am amazed and inspired by the compassion, drive, and imagination of so many in our county and in Vermont. It has been an honor to meet you and work alongside you.

I will keep working right here with you.

All the very best,


Into the Homestretch!

We are coming into the homestretch of this campaign! Only 8 days to go until election day.

I am grateful for your tremendous positive response, and for all the support, encouragement, and help so far.

But now we need to make our voices heard at the ballot box.

Please help out if you can. Click here to sign up to volunteer over the next week to make sure we get supporters to the polls. 

As always, check out the website and facebook page to find more information. And see below for some of the latest position videos.

Thank you!

Early Voting Has Begun!

Primary day is August 9, only six weeks away, and early voting has already begun! Get your absentee ballot here if you need one, and starting now you can vote at your town clerk’s office.

The campaign is moving full-steam ahead. Check out the first campaign video, the first in a series about why I’m running.

Friends in every town around Chittenden County are submitting posts to Front Porch Forum and community newspapers, volunteers are knocking on doors and making phone calls, and I’m releasing short videos every week talking about my priorities and why I’m running.

We would love your help! Click here to get in touch.

So take a look at the video and stay tuned on Facebook where we have more videos about important policy priorities, and where we keep you up-to-date on everything that’s going on with the campaign.

Join Us On The Campaign Trail!

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

I have been meeting with citizens, leaders, and activists all over the county, gathering support and raising funds. But now comes the heart and soul of the campaign: reaching out to as many people as possible in every corner of our county.

All of our efforts have been leading up to this: the real work of the campaign is about to begin. Now is the time to knock on doors and make phone calls, spreading the message of equality, opportunity, and affordability throughout Chittenden County.

And for that to succeed we need to have as many people helping out as possible. No campaign is won by a candidate alone.

So please help out and volunteer! Even a couple of hours a week can make a huge difference, and whatever you can do will be appreciated.

If you are interested in helping out please send an email to [email protected], or reply to this email.

Our first campaign event will be a phone bank starting at 5pm on Tuesday, May 24, at 77 College Street, Suite 2C. Please come by!

But there will be multiple opportunities to volunteer and knock on doors every week throughout the summer, so please sign up to volunteer and help out at your convenience!

Let’s look forward to happy campaign trails during our beautiful Vermont summer!

All the best,


Campaign Updates!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The campaign is rolling along nicely through our mild mid-winter season.  I’ve been meeting with folks and attending public meetings all over the county, from Burlington and South Burlington to Shelburne, Richmond, Jericho, and more.

I’m honored by the reception I’ve gotten from voters and elected representatives.  Many are excited about a campaign run on serious issues and fresh energy.  In my work as a lawyer on behalf of low-income Vermonters I’m proud to serve as a voice for those who need one.  I intend to be that voice in Montpelier for the people of Chittenden County.

There is more to come!  Stay tuned for house parties and other public events, and voter outreach–with plenty of opportunities to volunteer!– is just around the corner.

Thank you all for your support.  Please follow the campaign on facebook here.

All the best,